News and Updates
1. To save time, please check to see if your query is in the Databases page.
2. Due to space limitation issues all results will be kept for 7 days only.
3. PHAST can now support batch jobs. Please read this page for instructions.
4. If contig files are submitted as a batch job, PHAST will handle them one by one instead of concatenating them together. Please concatenate all the DNA sequences of your contig files first to avoid upexpected results.
5. Safari users will need Flash Player 11 to use PHAST's flash viewer. The latest Adobe Flash Player can be found here.
6. 2012.01.05 Virus database is not restricted in bacteria-hosted virus. It extends to the plant-hosted, invertabrate-hosted, vertabrate-hosted, algae-hosted, archaea-hosted, protozoa-hosted virus either. Size of virus database is changed from 14.5Mb to 35.8Mb.
7. 2012.01.09 The length of DNA sequence of your input file must be longer than 1500 bp. If not, it will be too short to detect phage region. Please check your input file first. If it contians contig files, please concatenate them first.
8. 2012.01.16 The whole PHAST databases are updated. Please look at databases page.
9. 2012.05.10 If the input sequence is longer than 30M bp, the server will cut the sequence into pieces of 30M bp. Then the server will handle them one by one.
10. 2012.05.14 For being fair to other users, maximum of number of jobs for each ueser is 10 each time. If the job you submit is a contig file, please check the contig file box before you submit the job.
11. 2013.03.20 debug the algorithm, and add the new logic inside. If the two redetected regions are less than 1000bp of distance, they are joined together. When anntating the virus-db hit CDSs, the most common phage's GIs are picked from BLAST hit candidates.
12. 2013.06.08 Handle contig projects of NCBI. For example, NZ_ALFJ00000000, it contains contigs from ALFJ01000001 tp ALFJ01000042. Now you can input 'NZ_ALFJ00000000' into our server. Our server will find all the contigs for this project and combine them together in order, then look up for prophage regions on the complete genome.
13. 2013.12.11 virus db is contaminated with bacterial genes. Filter out all the bacterial genomes from virus db.
14. 2014.04.22 To avoid overloading memory of our server, your submitted input sequences cannot be bigger than 12M bp. If bigger, our server will response error message . So you can split your input file into 2 or more files each with less than 10M bp.
15. 2014.06.30 Due to the computer source's lack, we keep the result for 4 days only. Please download your case when your case is done.
16. 2014.09.12 Due the the fact that the server is too busy, command line mode of URLAPI is down temporarily.
17. 2014.09.14 URLAPI command line mode is back to use.
18. 2014.09.25 Because there are too many cases waiting in the queue, command line mode is down temporarily.
19. 2014.09.30 URLAPI command line mode is back to use.
20. 2014.11.04 commnand line mode just accepts equal to and more than 1M base pairs submission. If you want to check out small genomes or contigs, please use home page.
21. 2014.11.10 command line mode adjusts base pair lower limit to 0.1M for small genomes. If you have contigs, please concatenate them first to use the command line mode.
22. 2016.12.23 Updated prophage/virus database to match PHASTER's version. There are no plans for further updates to the bacterial sequence database (last updated Mar 15, 2016).

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