Methanobrevibacter smithii TS145B , whole genome shotgun [asmbl_id: NC_000000].1797373, GC%: 31.13%

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Region 1, total : 14 CDS.
1687405..687417 attL    AGAAAAAATAAAA 0.0 Click
2687407..687421 attL    AAAAAATAAAAAAAA 0.0 Click
3complement(689152..691101) PHAGE_Bacill_Finn: putative tailspike, beta-helical glycoside; PP_00792; phage(gi460042202) 3e-05 Click
4691501..693804 PHAGE_Cronob_vB_CsaM_GAP32: long tail fiber proximal subunit; PP_00793; phage(gi414087138) 4e-06 Click
5694022..695797 PHAGE_Staphy_SA11: hypothetical protein; PP_00794; phage(gi422935581) 4e-05 Click
6695781..695933 adhesin-like protein [Methanobrevibacter smithii ATCC 35061] gi|148643457|ref|YP_001273970.1|; PP_00795 1e-16 Click
7695995..696441 hypothetical protein Msp_0480 [Methanosphaera stadtmanae DSM 3091] gi|84489291|ref|YP_447523.1|; PP_00796 3e-41 Click
8complement(696524..697270) PHAGE_Achole_L2: integrase; PP_00797; phage(gi9626516) 7e-15 Click
9complement(697531..698754) PHAGE_Cafete_BV_PW1: putative type I restriction modification enzyme, M and S domains; PP_00798; phage(gi310831373) 2e-10 Click
10complement(698768..700312) PHAGE_Acinet_Bphi_B1251: putative restriction-modification protein; PP_00799; phage(gi423261981) 8e-26 Click
11complement(700316..700789) type I restriction-modification enzyme S subunit HsdS [Methanobrevibacter ruminantium M1] gi|288560184|ref|YP_003423670.1|; PP_00800 4e-28 Click
12complement(700899..701465) hypothetical; PP_00801 0.0 Click
13complement(701552..701722) hypothetical; PP_00802 0.0 Click
14complement(701995..704703) PHAGE_Melano_entomopoxvirus: ORF MSV156 hypothetical protein; PP_00803; phage(gi9631364) 5e-09 Click
15704828..704842 attR    AAAAAATAAAAAAAA 0.0 Click
16complement(704879..705922) PHAGE_Parame_1: hypothetical protein; PP_00804; phage(gi9631583) 3e-06 Click
17706180..707175 PHAGE_Achole_L2: integrase; PP_00805; phage(gi9626516) 4e-15 Click
18712988..713000 attR    AGAAAAAATAAAA 0.0 Click