Listeria monocytogenes FSL F2-208 , whole genome shotgun [asmbl_id: NC_000000].2915076, GC%: 37.90%

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            Hits against Virus and prophage DB
             Hits against Bacterial DB or GenBank file

Region 1, total : 18 CDS.
148223..48502 PHAGE_Brocho_NF5: gp45; NT04LM_0106; phage(gi327197630) 9e-16 Click
248546..48677 30S ribosomal protein S18; NT04LM_0107 0.0 Click
349732..50226 PHAGE_Lister_A118: ORF58; NT04LM_0109; phage(gi16798845) 6e-09 Click
450223..50453 hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0110 0.0 Click
550473..50973 conserved hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0111 0.0 Click
651002..51410 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp56; NT04LM_0112a; phage(gi157325015) 3e-68 Click
751429..51620 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp57; NT04LM_0113; phage(gi157325016) 3e-28 Click
851502..51969 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp58; NT04LM_0114; phage(gi157325017) 3e-64 Click
951988..52356 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp59; NT04LM_0115; phage(gi157325018) 3e-61 Click
1052349..52474 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp60; NT04LM_0116; phage(gi157325019) 1e-16 Click
1152485..52649 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp61; NT04LM_0117; phage(gi157325020) 2e-21 Click
1252668..53102 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp62; NT04LM_0118; phage(gi157325021) 2e-78 Click
1353245..53808 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp63; NT04LM_0119; phage(gi157325022) 7e-101 Click
1454042..54599 PHAGE_Lister_A500: TerS; NT04LM_0121; phage(gi157324961) 1e-14 Click
1554499..55899 PHAGE_Lister_A500: TerL; NT04LM_0122; phage(gi157324962) 0.0 Click
1655945..57376 PHAGE_Lister_A500: gp3; NT04LM_0123; phage(gi157324963) 0.0 Click
1757396..57533 ribosomal protein S18; NT04LM_0124 0.0 Click
1857686..58297 PHAGE_Sweet_virus: coat protein; NT04LM_0125; phage(gi326537260) 2e-05 Click

Region 2, total : 25 CDS.
1110965..111698 PHAGE_Acanth_moumouvirus: putative triacylglycerol lipase; NT04LM_0207; phage(gi441432487) 9e-12 Click
2112011..112130 lipase; NT04LM_0209 0.0 Click
3112234..112944 EAL domain-containing protein; NT04LM_0211 0.0 Click
4complement(112914..113609) cAMP-binding domain-containing protein; NT04LM_0210 0.0 Click
5complement(113827..114288) PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp35; NT04LM_0212; phage(gi16798818) 3e-29 Click
6complement(114285..114620) PHAGE_Staphy_92: ORF019; NT04LM_0213; phage(gi66396425) 4e-15 Click
7114837..115265 PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp61; NT04LM_0214; phage(gi16798848) 3e-16 Click
8115277..115693 PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp66; NT04LM_0215; phage(gi16798853) 4e-22 Click
9116032..116324 antigen B; NT04LM_0216 0.0 Click
10116427..116939 PHAGE_Clostr_phi8074_B1: putative phage major tail protein; NT04LM_0218; phage(gi431810369) 5e-19 Click
11116987..117289 PHAGE_Strept_5: hypothetical protein SpyM3_1315; NT04LM_0219; phage(gi28876397) 9e-08 Click
12117331..117735 PHAGE_Strept_5: hypothetical protein SpyM3_1314; NT04LM_0220; phage(gi28876396) 2e-24 Click
13117722..119590 PHAGE_Propio_PAD20: Gp14; NT04LM_0221; phage(gi330858412) 1e-48 Click
14119587..120405 PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp17; NT04LM_0222; phage(gi16798800) 4e-44 Click
15120406..121551 PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp18; NT04LM_0223; phage(gi16798801) 2e-48 Click
16121613..121840 conserved hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0224 0.0 Click
17121855..122430 conserved hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0225 0.0 Click
18122445..122882 PHAGE_Deep_s_D6E: tail fiber protein; NT04LM_0226; phage(gi423262345) 3e-07 Click
19122926..123135 PHAGE_Lister_A118: gp20; NT04LM_0227; phage(gi16798803) 5e-06 Click
20123178..123321 conserved hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0229 0.0 Click
21123567..123989 PHAGE_Bacill_WBeta: phage holin; NT04LM_0232; phage(gi85701395) 3e-32 Click
22123970..124503 PHAGE_Bacill_BCD7: putative cell wall hydrolase/autolysin; NT04LM_0233; phage(gi422936032) 6e-35 Click
23124529..124971 hypothetical protein; NT04LM_0234 0.0 Click
24124972..125856 putative hemagglutinin; NT04LM_0235 0.0 Click
25complement(125913..126675) PROPHAGE_Pseudo_PAO1: coat protein A of bacteriophage Pf1; NT04LM_0236; phage(gi15595921) 3e-07 Click