Bacteroides ovatus SD CMC 3f , whole genome shotgun [asmbl_id: NC_000000].6775279, GC%: 41.94%

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Region 1, total : 18 CDS.
11509838..1509851 attL    TAGTTTTTTTCCCG 0.0 Click
21510071..1511621 site-specific recombinase, phage integrase family; CUY_0961 0.0 Click
3complement(1511692..1512180) conserved domain protein; CUY_0962 0.0 Click
4complement(1512437..1514251) conserved hypothetical protein; CUY_0963 0.0 Click
51515291..1515947 PHAGE_Entero_phiEf11: conserved hypothetical protein; CUY_0964; phage(gi282598759) 1e-15 Click
6complement(1516205..1516750) hypothetical protein; CUY_0965 0.0 Click
7complement(1516707..1517003) conserved domain protein; CUY_0966 0.0 Click
81517158..1517547 PHAGE_Geobac_E2: putative terminase small subunit; CUY_0967; phage(gi148747728) 1e-08 Click
91517544..1519169 PHAGE_Pseudo_vB_PaeS_PMG1: terminase large subunit; CUY_0968; phage(gi374531647) 8e-75 Click
101519169..1520401 PHAGE_Entero_mEp235: portal protein; CUY_0969; phage(gi428781813) 1e-46 Click
111520376..1521851 PHAGE_Bacill_BCD7: putative tail fiber protein; CUY_0970; phage(gi422936034) 6e-05 Click
121521869..1522420 PHAGE_Entero_EFRM31: prohead protease; CUY_0971; phage(gi327198114) 3e-26 Click
131522420..1523637 PHAGE_Synech_S_CBS3: major capsid protein; CUY_0972; phage(gi331028011) 2e-21 Click
141523639..1523944 PHAGE_Entero_SfV: hypothetical protein SfVp06; CUY_0973; phage(gi19548996) 1e-06 Click
151524288..1524527 hypothetical protein; CUY_0974 0.0 Click
161525348..1525803 PHAGE_Clostr_phi8074_B1: putative phage major tail protein; CUY_0975; phage(gi431810369) 1e-09 Click
171525854..1526150 conserved hypothetical protein; CUY_0976 0.0 Click
181526219..1526461 conserved hypothetical protein; CUY_0977 0.0 Click
191526468..1528276 PHAGE_Helico_phiHP33: putative SMC (structural maintenance of chromosomes) protein; CUY_0978; phage(gi371671351) 4e-06 Click
201537291..1537304 attR    TAGTTTTTTTCCCG 0.0 Click