Desulfuromonas acetoxidans DSM 684 ctg54, whole genome shotgun [asmbl_id: NC_000000].133363, GC%: 50.22%

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Region 1, total : 11 CDS.
150641..52551 PHAGE_Vibrio_12B12_NC_021070: transposase; Dace_1008; phage(gi481019193) 9e-124 Click
252636..53616 PHAGE_Vibrio_12B12_NC_021070: DNA transposition protein; Dace_1009; phage(gi481019192) 1e-58 Click
353613..53891 hypothetical protein; Dace_1010 0.0 Click
453936..54394 PHAGE_Rhizob_RR1_B_NC_021557: hypothetical protein; Dace_1011; phage(gi514231152) 2e-05 Click
554391..54648 hypothetical protein; Dace_1012 0.0 Click
654735..56555 PHAGE_Paenib_PG1_NC_021558: membrane protein; Dace_1013; phage(gi514231200) 2e-09 Click
756530..57645 PHAGE_Strept_phi3396_NC_009018: putative phage-related tail tape measure protein; Dace_1014; phage(gi126011107) 6e-07 Click
857873..58172 hypothetical protein; Dace_1015 0.0 Click
958196..59260 PHAGE_Squirr_virus_NC_022563: hypothetical pox protein-similar to SQPV115; Dace_1016; phage(gi571798040) 8e-07 Click
1059764..60087 PHAGE_Vibrio_12B12_NC_021070: hypothetical protein; Dace_1017; phage(gi481019179) 5e-07 Click
1160103..61779 PROPHAGE_Escher_EDL933: putative transposase; Dace_1018; phage(gi15803522) 2e-05 Click